2022.06.14 NEWCargo handling and logistics involving ISO tanks and containers:
DAITO KOGYO's gear pump has a solid track record in handling loads and discharging cargo related to ISO containers, flexible container bags, etc. For the transportation of highly viscous liquid or hazardous liquid, please contact us.
2019.04.16 Patent (No. 6458225) awarded. The title of the invention is "A magnet gear pump and manufacturing method."
2018.05.01 Japanese instruction manual revised.
2018.05.01 English instruction manual revised.
2017.09.27 KHC-60CM2 Triple gear pump for transporting special resin released.
2016.08.09 We redesigned our website based on our corporate color of blue.
2016.07.08 Brochure for MC type seal-less gear pump in Traditional Chinese released.
2015.09.15 MCER-15HT seal-less gear pump with high-pressure specifications
2015.08.17 KS-100Tv2 V-belt drive type turret-shaped gear pump
2015.07.17 Japanese instruction manual revised.
2015.07.17 English instruction manual revised.
2015.07.17 KS-50HM lower shaft type gear pump for transporting asphalt
2014.09.24 Brochure for MC type seal-less gear pump in Japanese revised.
2014.09.24 Brochure for MC type seal-less gear pump in Simplified Chinese revised.
2014.09.24 Brochure for MC type seal-less gear pump in English revised.
2014.08.22 5-axes control vertical machining center, 3D coordinate measuring machine, gear measuring machine and surface roughness measuring machine introduced
2014.05.28 DaitoKogyo was featured on “Tokyo Industrial Location Navigator”, the official website of the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, TokyoMetropolitan Government.
2013.10.15 Japanese instruction manual revised.
2013.10.15 English instruction manual revised.
2013.10.15 HP-4JTjv2 gear pump for high temperature with casing jacket
2013.08.26KSH-300HM pump for transporting large quantities of oil
2013.08.09 OHRP-15MSG air motor driving pump with outer shaft bearing
2013.07.26 HP-2M2 tubing pump for minute quantities with double mechanical seal type seal pot
2012.11.22 Japanese instruction manual revised.
2012.11.22 English instruction manual revised.
2012.05.30 Visit our newly-completed "Examples" page.
2012.05.30 MC-J cartridge jacket model
2011.11.04 Brochure for MC type seal-less gear pump in Simplified Chinese added.
2011.11.04 Brochure for MC type seal-less gear pump in English added.
2011.10.24 Company profile in Russian added.
2011.10.04 English website updated.
2011.05.26 Brochure for "MC type seal-less gear pump" revised.
2011.04.15 Japanese instruction manual revised.
2011.04.15 English instruction manual revised.
2010.12.27 HP-2JjM2 gear pump for transporting minute amounts of highly viscous liquid
2010.10.05 Seal-less MC gear pump for minute quantities
2010.07.30 BKH-JM2 type, large bore flange
2010.06.01 Gear shafts made of resin
2010.05.01 KH-Jj2 fully jacketed gear pump for highly viscous liquids
2010.04.01 Turret-shaped, CSB transportable type
2010.03.01 HPE-BMM gear pump for high pressure that can handle back pressure
2009.12.30 KB geared motor direct drive for generic large gear pumps
2009.11.30 KSR-M infinitely variable drive
2009.11.30 HPR-JTv2B gear pump
2009.09.24 MC-J seal-less jacket
2009.08.20 HPE-M triple coupling direct drive with reduction gears
2009.08.15 OH-G spacer coupling direct drive
2009.07.15 Engine-driven transportable pump
2009.06.15 HP-Jj2M2 double mechanically sealed gear pump with full jacket
2009.06.10 Patent (No. 4292555) awarded.
2009.05.28 KH-JS2 pump for transporting high-temperature special liquids
2009.02.20 KR geared motor drive
2009.02.10 KH-JTjv2 V belt counter shaft drive
2008.12.15 HP-S2 turret-shaped V belt gear pump
2008.12.01 OH-G transverse mount V belt drive
2008.10.15 Engine drive large gear pump
2008.10.01 MC belt drive
2008.09.30 Website updated.
2008.09.15 Large gear pump approved for high-pressure gas
2008.09.01 Japanese instruction manual revised.
2008.09.01 English instruction manual revised.
2008.04.25 Gear pump approved for high-pressure gas
2008.04.15 Minute-quantity type MC seal-less gear pump added to the lineup.